Fun Food Baskets

This month’s theme is “Pierce my heart to give.” If you’re like most young women, you’re probably thinking, I’d like to give, but what can I do? There are a lot of great ideas for giving back, not only in December, but all year round.

You might know someone who will have a tough time coming up with the food that often represents this season. That’s the first place to start! Make a food basket for that family, or person, in need. If you’re part of a local church, don’t limit yourself to just one family; ask for a list of people who need help. If this project is too expensive for you to do on your own, ask the other girls in your youth group for help. What better way is there to let your light shine and show people how awesome it is to be a Christian, than by giving (Matthew 25:25, 26, 45)?


Remember that families want to have fun! Consider adding items to your basket or bag that aren’t pre-made, but that will allow the family to have holiday fun cooking and baking together, and are simple enough not to require a lot of additional time and ingredients.

Shop sales. Ask your mom, or another experienced bargain shopper, to help you find good deals and sales on Christmas items. You can also scan your local paper for deals. If you’re pressed for time, Aldi’s is a great place to shop in order to receive items at a discount price without needing to clip coupons.

Make the bags fun. Decorate brown paper grocery bags with festive stamps to make the bags more fun, especially for families with young children, so they will be excited even before they open the bag.

Don’t be a Pharisee! The Pharisees did good because they wanted everyone to see them and think they were great, but Jesus wants us to give to glorify Him. We should give quietly, and while we may ask others for help or want to encourage others to give as well, it is unwise, and unchristian-like, to needlessly tell others what we’re doing (Matthew 6:2-4).

Share His love. If the family you’re giving to doesn’t know God, then giving a holiday basket is a wonderful way to share His love. Place a card, with a nice note, in the basket. Make sure to include your favorite encouraging scripture on the card, and be sure it mentions that you’re trying to spread His love this Christmas season by giving to and encouraging others. You could also place a church bulletin in the basket so they can receive worship information in a non-intrusive manner.

Basket Ideas

Fun Food Ideas:
1. Sugar cookie roll, cookie cutters, icing, food coloring, sprinkles
2. Hot chocolate mix, marshmallows
3. Red and green jello mixes, canned fruit, whipped cream

Breakfast Ideas:
4. Tube of cinnamon rolls
5. Juice
6. Apples, caramel dip
7. Eggnog

Dinner Ideas:
8. Pre-cooked ham
9. Canned vegetables
10. Sparkling cider
11. Tube of dinner rolls

For Holiday meal tips and recipes, visit our November Cooking Corner article.

By Alexia Hammonds

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