Paint A Pumpkin

Pumpkin Painting Instructions:

  1. Purchase desired pumpkins or gourds
  2. Purchase washable paints
  3. Find paintbrushes
  4. Begin painting!

Pumpkin Painting Ideas:

Have a pumpkin painting party where you supply the paints, and everyone else brings their own pumpkins and a snack to share. Everyone can make two pumpkins – one to keep and one to give away! Invite younger siblings and parents to this activity, because this is an event every age can enjoy. Give everyone a chance to discover their gift of painting!

Give simple prizes or certificates for the pumpkins, such as most original, silliest, most professional, etc. The pumpkin pictured won first place for the most colorful pumpkin!


Do not leave these painted pumpkins outside! The paint will wash off in the rain. Depending on their size, the pumpkins can be used as a table centerpiece, an office paperweight, or a fireplace decoration.

Your Turn!

Paint your own pumpkins, take pictures, and contact us to receive simple submission directions, so your pumpkin can also be featured in our Gifted Girls section.

Future Note:

We will be featuring homemade cards in our December 2008 issue. If you’ve ever made a card for someone else, or would like to try making a card, take a picture of it and send it to us no later than November 15th for consideration.

– Davonne Parks

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  1. Having my own pumpkin painting party next week with my daughters and their friends. When the paint is completely dry, take your painted pumpkins to a well-ventilated area and spray them with a clear, glossy indoor/outdoor glaze (found in craft stores.) If it placed on the front porch, your painted masterpieces will last for weeks!

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