A Passion for Christ

I have seen many powerfully stirring movies, but among the most moving is the Passion of the Christ. Although there have been films made which depict the life and final days of Christ, none is more vivid or unsettling. Directed by Mel Gibson, the Passion of the Christ offers a very real glimpse into the days leading to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Although the film has additional content that is never mentioned in the Bible, the details reveal a very accurate portrayal of Jesus’ betrayal and death. Tension in the movie results from the violence committed against Christ, and has been criticized by many as being too graphic. To relieve some of this tension and offer a human aspect to Jesus, there are occasional flashbacks into His earlier life. Although parts of the movie are difficult to watch, I believe it has most effectively shown how horrible Christ’s death was––something I think many of us tend to disregard. The scenes showing Jesus’ beatings and death made me realize how much He really went through for me, a sinner who would disobey Him and neglect to realize that sacrifice.

I encourage you to see this movie. The Passion of the Christ will reveal to you, or remind you, of the suffering our Savior endured for us. We spend much of our time watching movies and shows that have no meaning to our lives, or that display negative and sinful themes and situations. We need to consider God’s Word when we sit down in front of a screen. In Psalm 101:3, David declares, “I will set my eyes before no vile thing.” Paul encouraged the Philippians to set their minds on “whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely” (v. 8). This month, let’s change our habits so we will use our time to study God’s Word and to learn what is right and pure so that we can set our thoughts on these things. Let’s learn more about Christ so we can be passionate about Him, just as He is passionate about us.

Lisa Grimenstein


  1. I’ve heard about this movie, and I just made a decision to watch it by the end of next month. Thanks for the article; you are an amazing writer!

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