Reading Statement at School

Many of us want to be well known at school and to have something we stand for. This school year, let’s stand for Christ. Let’s learn about Him so we can be an example to others around us. The best way to begin sharing Him with others is to learn about His love by studying His word. We can’t tell others what we don’t know ourselves. We can read our Bibles first thing in the morning, on the bus, in the car, during study hall, at the lunch table, after school, before dinner, after dinner, or before bed. Sometimes we’ll be tempted to say, “I’d love to read my Bible, but I just don’t have time.” I know that excuse, because it’s an excuse I’ve used myself. Something I’ve learned, though, is that if I’m too busy for God, then I’m just too busy! Make time. This six-month New Testament plan takes only ten minutes a day to follow, and if we don’t have ten minutes a day for God, then something needs to change. Let’s look critically at our schedule and see if there’s something we can drop. Maybe we only need to work three days a week instead of five, or we could choose our favorite sport to participate in instead of continuing with several sports. Maybe we should just watch one favorite show per evening instead of several shows that are just okay. If you’re the girl who spends two hours getting ready for school every morning, look at your beauty routine, and your heart, and consider changing something in the routine to allow a few minutes for God each morning. This school year, let’s make a statement by saturating our minds and hearts with God’s word so we can let His love shine through us, allowing us to be a living Christian example to everyone around.

Davonne Parks

Davonne Parks

August 01 (Luke 20:1-47)
August 02 (Luke 21:1-38)
August 03(Luke 22:1-46)
August 04 (Luke 22:47-71)
August 05 (Luke 23:1-56)
August 06 (Luke 24:1-53)
August 07 (John 1:1-51)
August 08 (John 2:1-25)
August 09 (John 3:1-36)
August 10 (John 4:1-54)
August 11 (John 5:1-47)
August 12 (John 6:1-40)
August 13 (John 6:41-71)
August 14 (John 7:1-53)
August 15 (John 8:1-59)
August 16 (John 9:1-41)
August 17 (John 10:1-42)
August 18 (John 11:1-57)
August 19 (John 12:1-50)
August 20 (John 13:1-38)
August 21 (John 14:1-31; 15:1-27)
August 22 (John 16:1-33; 17:1-26)
August 23 (John 18:1-40)
August 24 (John 19:1-42)
August 25 (John 20:1-31; 21:1-25)
August 26 (Acts 1:1-26)
August 27 (Acts 2:1-47)
August 28 (Acts 3:1-26; 4:1-37)
August 29 (Acts 5:1-42)
August 30 (Acts 6:1-15; 7:1-43)
August 31 (Acts 7:44-60; 8:1-40)


  1. I also have struggled, as I think a lot of people have, with “not having enough time” to study God’s Word. One day I started to think, “If I don’t take the time to spend it with God, then why should He take any time for me”? He sacrificed so much for me because He loves me, so I need to spend time willingly with Him.

  2. Reading the Bible in front of others presents a great opportunity to share God’s word! I’ll silently read my Bible in public sometimes and am often asked what I’m reading about. It’s amazing how much we can teach others just by opening His word!

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