Make June Worthwhile

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Month of June Worthwhile

10.) Start a movie night! Get friends together and watch a movie. You can make it a weekly thing, and you can have theme nights like Disney movies, or even do a television series.

9.) Go to a museum or art center! Call your local art museum or art center and check when they have free days. Take a bunch of friends, or go by yourself.

8.) Have a Girls’ Night In! Do makeovers, facials, eat junk food, cook something together, and just have fun being with the girls. Don’t forget to take pictures!

7.) Get involved in a community service project! There are organizations around your community that are sure to love your help. See our “Helping Hands” column for great service projects you can do!

6.) Go to the mall! If you don’t have money to spend, don’t worry. Just bring a friend and window shop, or go to the record store and have fun listening to new music.

5.) Go to the park! Be a kid for the day; maybe even have a picnic.

4.) Get ice cream! Gather some friends together after church; there is nothing like a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

3.) Start a Bible study! Since being out of school means you have more free time, get some friends together and have a Bible study. There is nothing like being with your friends and studying God’s word. For great ideas to get started, check out our Weekly Devotional, Daily Bible Reading, or Monthly Spread the Word column.

2.) Go to a lake, river, or ocean! Spend a day with friends, relax and have some fun. See our “Adorably Modest” article for cute, modest swimsuits.

1.) Have a bonfire! It is a great way to hang out with friends and start off the summer.

by Kim Cook


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