Happy Father’s Day!

To my dad, Douglas Davis, who brought me Starburst when I was upset, made up silly songs about me, and always knew just how to embarrass me in front of my friends. You taught me to find the good in the bad, that there is always a time to laugh, and that embarrassment is only temporary. To my husband, Roger, on his first Father’s Day: thank you for being there for our son. I am so grateful he has you as his dad!

Sarah Ancheta

Thank you, Gaylord Gardner, for teaching me to be kind, loving, gentle, and tender-hearted. I’ll always cherish my special times that I spent with you as a little girl, when you bought me my Teddy Bear, on our trips to the market to buy bubble gum, as we studied the Bible together, as I talked to you while you worked in the garden and followed you everywhere you went. You’ve always been there for me—to laugh with me, to cry with me, and to encourage me to keep on living a godly life no matter what comes my way. I love you Daddy!

Carol Gartman

My grandfather, Robert Garrett, is the best man I have ever met. Through these years of confusion and simplicity, he has always been there to listen and give advice. He has taught me so many things about God, safety, and life. Last January, when he went into surgery, he taught me to pray and trust God with my whole heart and soul. When it comes to safety, he taught me to never unbuckle my seatbelt until we have come to a complete stop and put the car in park. In fact, if I unbuckle my seatbelt when we turn onto my street, he will stop in the middle of the road and wait until I buckle back up before driving again! In life he has taught me what a real man is supposed to be and has been an example of the kind of man I hope to marry someday. So, here is a huge thank you to the one who is not only my Poppa, but has also been like a father to me.

Shelby Garrett

My dad always has good advice. I think sometimes he thinks it isn’t wanted or valued, but I know he cares enough to want to help.

Nathan Parks

(About Nathan Parks) I love to work on cars with Daddy. I love to play and type on computers with Daddy, and watch TV. I like to play soccer with my daddy. I like Daddy to brush my hair. I like to play ball with my daddy. I have the best daddy in the whole world.

Lily Parks, age 3 (as told to Davonne Parks)

My father, Greg Conley, has been such a huge influence in my life. His godly influence has inspired me to strive to be the strongest Christian I can be. I see others each day either without a father or with one who doesn’t care and am so happy that I am blessed with one as great as mine. He has always been there for me, whether to play with me on a rainy day, to sit in the stands and watch me play, or to just hug me and say “I love you.” So I want to say, “Dad, thank you, and I love you too.”

Rachel Conley

I love my dad. I know that I’m a “Daddy’s Girl,” and it’s for good reason. My dad is a godly man who desires to know God’s word. He tries to demonstrate his obedience to God in every way he can. I am thankful God gave me a father who cared enough to teach me His Word from the time I was born. He has been faithful through many trials, and I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have him as my daddy. I love you, Dad. Xo

Lisa Grimenstein


  1. Steve Gower says

    Hi ,My Dad played a big part in my life. He was a member of the American Legion.He spent a lot of time there when we were little. I didn’t know why. After he died I went there to see ,and what I found was a great place that helped the Veterans and Children.They start every meeting with thePledge of Alegince and a Prayer. The Motto is For God and Country.Since then I have found God in My life. I have served as Squadron and Va. State Commander or the Sons of the American Legion.The legion had a big part of me finding and ACCEPTING God into my life. I have all 4 of my sons involved in the Legion to help to serve our Men and Woman serving our Country and our God.

  2. Steve, that is a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Linda Gower Gatewood says

    As my brother Steve said our dad did play a great part in our lives.
    The part I learned was about giving back.It only takes a little time to do something to help someone. Everyone knows a person who has a spouse in the military do something to make them feel special. Watch their kids so they can take a shower in peace, Cook them a meal even a pot of soup. Let them know you care. How about the elderly? Even taking out their trash is a great help to them. Ask if they need you to clean their bathroom, things they are not able to do any more. Cost ? Only your time…The men and women in the military need to know that their families are being taken care of back home so they wont have to worry about them and can do their jobs without worring about their family.We should all try to do something for someone every day. Cant hurt and then we could all ” PAY IT FORWARD’ wonder what a better world it would be? Dads are great!!!!!!

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